How Can Google Ads Help Your Business?

If executed correctly, Google Ads can perform wonders for many businesses. Millions of advertisers are using this pay per click (PPC) platform to promote their products and services to the millions of people searching online every day.

Google Ads enable you to place an advert displayed within the sponsored listing areas of Google's search pages, and you pay each time someone clicks on your advert.

So, why is Google Ads popular and how can it help businesses?

It can help attract more customers

Lets face it, today most prospective customers searching for products and services online are more likely to use Google to find what they are looking for. Therefore, any business seeking to increase its leads or sales would likely benefit from using adverts to position their business at the top of Google search engine results page. Google Ads, formerly referred to as Google AdWords, is seen by most as the best platform. Through paid advertising, Google Ads drive traffic to your site, with the aim of increasing sales and ROI.

This advertising method enables you to bid on the relevant keywords for your target market and connect you to your target audience.

Reach new customers that have visited your site but did not make a purchase or complete a lead form

You may be familiar with instances where a customer views your ad on a site and then leaves without making a purchase. Using Google Ads, you can retarget such customers because they have high chances of converting. Although retargeting increases marketing costs, it makes potential clients who’ve previously visited your online store more likely to purchase. The results of retargeting prove that it is a viable strategy.

Advertise on different devices, Ad types, and partner sites

Over the last few years, search queries from mobile phones have significantly increased and outpaced those from computers. So, as a business, you should know how your customers search to find your business. Do they use mobiles or PCs? After establishing the devices used, you can now target your campaigns to the devices.

Using Google Ads, you can target your campaigns to different devices. If you have a mobile website, you can create a distinct campaign to target mobile users. On the other hand, if you want to focus on the PC, you only need to edit the URL. Additionally, your Google Ads can appear on mobile phone apps, partner websites and any other platform you select.

Advertise locally, nationally or globally

Once you’ve identified your audience, Google AdWords enables you to target your campaign locally, nationally or globally. You can build a tailored strategy for any of the audiences you want to reach. Additionally, you can segment your global campaigns to specific geographical locations of your global audience. To help you out, Google has tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to give you valuable insights into the commonly searched keywords in your destinations of interest.

Find new potential customers in your local area or across the globe

One of the valuable features of Google Ads is its ability to target adverts to specific demographics and locations.

For startups struggling to get new customers, radius targeting your ads enables you to pinpoint people within a specified distance of your business. So if you have a coffee shop and you radius-target your advertisement, anyone within your vicinity will spot the ad. Conversely, you can decide to exclude specific locations from your campaign to reduce the advertising costs.

If you’re running a B2B business such as a software service, you can target your ads to specific geographic locations. For example, you can target them to places with a high concentration of commercial offices who are likely to demand specific software solutions.

Measure your success and grow

Google provides vital information about ad campaigns. Once you log into your Google Ads account, you will access a dashboard that offers valuable insights on your agenda. The metrics provided on the panel include keywords selected, demographics, impressions, devices, locations, clicks, and many more. To improve the performance of your campaign, Google offers you specific recommendations to guide you.

Additionally, the reports section provides critical indicators on parameters such as CTR, views, clicks, and engagement rate in a line, bar, table, pie or scatter chart format. Other insights include quality score, bid simulator, combined ad, and competitive metrics amongst more.

The benefit of Google reporting is that it is almost real-time with a minimal lag. Furthermore, if you connect your Google Ads account with Google Analytics, you’ll access more in-depth reporting to help you make more informed business decisions.

Flexible advertising budgets

Google ads provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to using your budget. You can spend whatever you like, be it £1 or a £100. Furthermore, you have some flexibility on how to spend the budget; you can repeatedly change budgets. Additionally, if you want to focus only on clicks, then you’ll only pay for clicks and benefit from free brand awareness.

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