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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Blog

In this blog post I’m highlighting the major benefits that blogging can bring to your business, so if your contemplating starting a blog then keep reading for my top tips. Is blogging still relevant? Perhaps you’re wondering, is blogging still a relevant form of content marketing in 2022 given the rise in video, especially on […]

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3 Benefits of Google Display Advertising

Google's display advertising campaigns are an excellent and cost-effective way to reach your target audience away from search engines. But what are the benefits of diverting some of your ad budget into this type of campaign? Here I will cover three of them. Benefit One: You can expand brand awareness at little risk! "One image […]

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What Are Google Ad Extensions, and Which Might You Need?

When showing your ads on Google, you typically get these components of the ad: Up to 3 headings displayed Up to 2 descriptions displayed But Google allows you to add some great extras called "ad extensions".   Google Ad extensions are the additional elements you can apply to your ads on Google. Helping your clickthrough […]

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