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PPC Audit

If you’ve been running a Google Ads account or Bing / LinkedIn Ads for some time but you have a niggling feeling it could be doing better, then it why not take advantage of our free PPC Audit service?

PPC Audits are a must for any business that’s advertising online and help to paint a clear picture of the account plus highlight opportunities to get the best value for your advertising spend.

Discover the opportunities within your online adverting spend

Sometimes when you are running a business it can be difficult to ensure your online marketing is getting enough attention. Although you can set required budgets within platforms such as Google Ads often it’s a challenge to make sure you’re not wasting that all-important ad spend.

Our FREE PPC Audit is the first step in getting your online advertising back on track and working at its best for your business. Here are just some of the areas we look at for you:O

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PPC AUDIT key actions

General Settings
Ads & Creatives
Competitor Analysis
Campaign Structure
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Tracking & Conversions

General settings

Like most online software services PPC platforms will have a series of settings that need enabling and configuring when setting up. Believe it or not but this area can make or break a PPC campaign because it's the starting foundation of how your account will run.

Ads & Creatives

For a large proportion of ongoing PPC management we will be crafting you the best ads and creatives to keep your message resonating with your target audience and increase click through rates.

Competitor Analysis

Apart from a very small percentage, most businesses will have other businesses competing for market share. Analysing your PPC competitors provide valuable insight and opportunities to gain more search market share.


A good account bids on relevant keywords but an amazing account focuses on highly targeted keywords with the right match types. Part of the PPC management will involve the ongoing search for new keywords and the perfect match type to bring in the best results.

Campaign structure

We take time to make sure your campaigns are structured appropriately for not only ease of management but also relevancy and optimum budget distribution.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You’ll receive expert advice on how to optimise your landing pages to increase your conversion rate.

Tracking & Conversions

We will work with you to ensure your tracking your sales / leads (conversions) through your pay per click efforts so you are clear on your return on ad spend.

NEW TO PPC? how google ads can help your business

Attract more customers
Reach new customers searching for your product or service on Google Search.
Advertise on different devices, ad types and partner sites
People searching for your products and services will use different devices and may take time to give you their business.
Advertise locally, nationally or globally
Find new potential customers in your local area or across the globe
Measure your success and grow
Clearly see how your advertising budget is working for you and only spend what you allocate.