4 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Landing Page for Your Ads

When advertising online, it's essential to consider the landing page your ads will be taking your potential customers to. Why? Because if you do not create a smooth and relevant experience, you could have paid good money for a click and then could lose them to a poor landing page experience.

Here I have provided four common questions and tips to help you on your way to creating a landing page for your visitors.

Is your website working well on all devices?

Ensure that your website not only looks good and functions well on a desktop as in a mobile-first world, people also research using their devices, make purchases, complete lead forms, and make calls to businesses like you.

Can you think back to when you have carried out your research or tried to purchase something on a website unfit for a mobile device – how did it feel? Frustrating, we bet!

Take a few moments now and visit your website on mobile – try and make a purchase or get more information. Better still, why not ask someone who has never seen your website before and ask them what they think – run your small user testing experiment, gather the feedback and make the improvements on your site

How fast is your website speed?

Think about the last time you visited a website that was slow to load – did you stay? Was it an annoying experience? There is a good chance that you left, and even if you stayed (because of brand loyalty), you would be hesitant to go back.

There are many free tools out there that can score you on your website speed and let you know the areas you need to improve. Our go-to free tool is Google Page Insights.

Is your website secure?

We've all come to know the little padlock in our browsers URL, which means the site has a certain level of security.

How would you feel if you hit a website that was not secure? What would your thoughts be? I'm sure you would agree there would be a certain level of mistrust – that's why it is vital to get an SSL security certificate installed correctly on your website and landing pages.

If you do not have one installed, speak to your web developer or web hosting company, which will help.

Call to actions (CTA's)

How many websites have you visited, and you have been unclear of what you need to do next?

Visitors to your site are clever but very busy people. Don't make it difficult for them to work out the next step – give them a clear call to action.

For example, if you want them to complete a form with their details to get a free quote or call the office for a free sample, give them a prominent, bold CTA to show them the next step.

So there you are! Four common questions and tips to get you on your way to landing page success. Oh, but there is more! Look out for my next instalment, where I provide more questions and tips on landing page success.

Stacey Pledge

About Stacey Pledge

I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay-per-click campaigns and reach their business goals.

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