Which PPC Platform is Best for Your Business?

I am often asked by new clients which PPC platform is best for them, and in truth, the answer is as individual as they are.

Well, that is not very helpful, I hear you say! Worry not. I have a few tips that I use to help determine which platform is the best use of your online advertising budget.

Tip One: Be Clear On Your Objectives

I have covered objectives before in other articles, but it is worth mentioning again on how vital clear goals are.

For example, do you want to focus your efforts (and budget) on getting more phone calls or newsletter sign-ups? Or do you need to let the masses know about your brand and build awareness?

Whilst it is excellent to do all of it, realistically, you should aim to focus on a primary objective with secondary sub-objectives for the best results.

Clear objectives will help inform which PPC platform is your best option.

Where Would You Advertise For Brand Awareness?

This would depend on the nature of the business but let's say I had a company that works on a B2B capacity selling online software. I may decide that LinkedIn would be an excellent platform for hyper-targeted advertising to build the brand.

See our article Should you use LinkedIn PPC? For more information on this platform.

What About Advertising For Leads?

Whilst you could undoubtedly use LinkedIn PPC to get leads, I find that people are somewhat in a different mindset than, say, Google search. Google Search Ads typically target people specifically looking for what you sell, so maybe a better option here.

Let's say you are a Garage Door company, and you want to drive phone calls and lead forms from your website. There are thousands of people searching every day for garage door services so it would make sense to use your advertising budget to get your ads in front of those people searching for your type of product or service.     

Tip Two: Be Clear On Your Audience

Another critical factor in determining whether to use platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or perhaps Microsoft Ads is your intended audience.

Are they young females that are regular users of Instagram, scrolling for the latest fashion trends? Or older males that use Microsoft Bing to search for a new building firm?

Your audience will use different platforms in different ways. It is also important not to forget to consider their mindset whilst using these platforms. I have already covered the potential attitude of those using Google search, but what about social media?

Typically, people are not looking to solve their problem there and then, they are in a social space connecting with friends and family or watching funny cat videos!        

Tip Three: Which PPC Platforms Can You Use?

Whether you are using a consultancy like mine to manage your online advertising activity or doing it in-house, considering the skill level and experience of using the PPC platform is vital.

Hiring A PPC Agency To Manage For You

If you have a pay per click agency managing your advertising campaigns for you, then, in theory, they should be experienced in a range of platforms. However, there are some exceptions.

You may get an agency that specialises in just one platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. It is worth checking which platforms your agency has experience with and ask where they intend to spend your hard-earned budget.   

Managing Your Pay Per Click Inhouse

Many businesses opt to manage their online advertising in-house. Whilst there are plenty of pros, a serious con could be the steep learning curve, either the business owner or a member of staff will have to learn the different platforms.

For example, let's say you have decided to use the following PPC platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads

That's four separate platforms you or a staff member will need to learn and keep up to date. It is certainly doable but can be very time consuming and can take you away from other business areas.

It is essential to weigh up what's best for your business!

So there you have it! A few practical tips to help you decide which PPC platform(s) are best for your business.

If You Are Still Unsure And Would Like Some Advice – I Can Help!

My PPC Management Service can take away all of the hassles of running your PPC advertising campaigns.

My PPC Consultancy Service can play a supporting role for your business. I can come in once or regularly and support you and your business's PPC aims as well as helping you decide which pay per click platform is right for you.

My PPC Training Service can upskill you and your staff so you can keep running your PPC campaigns in-house.

Stacey Pledge

About Stacey Pledge

I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay-per-click campaigns and reach their business goals.

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