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Pledge Consultancy is a digital agency specialising in pay per click (PPC) advertising. We are based in Exeter, serving clients globally.

Pledge Consultancy


Our Values

Our agency values underpin the service we deliver to our clients, how we select our suppliers and hire our staff. These values fuel our mission and vision for the agency we are creating.


Impactful Results and Insights.We want to achieve value-driven results for all that work with us, always asking our research or performance data the essential questions- how can we get better returns for this campaign?


A Best Fit Approach. We don't do templates! One style strategy does not fit all. We ask what's the best approach for this person's business. We build campaigns for their impact and profitability supported by robust evidence built on over a decade of experience.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Creative and resourceful mindset. We are always looking for new growth opportunities through different techniques and calculated risks. They could be experiments, new skills, innovative software, or a common issue tackled from a different perspective.

Life-Long Learning

Continuous interest and development. We have a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity for connection - and so do the people we work beside. We want to learn more about ourselves and those around us.

Our Mission - Unleashing Potential

We believe there is a lot of untapped potential in PPC campaigns.

Whether it's through lack of time available that's required to plan and manage a successful PPC campaign or shortage of skills/knowledge.

Our mission is to help unleash that potential for our clients.

We see that unleashing potential is about taking people from where they are now and helping them achieve their dreams and aims. For us, it's a process of freeing people from what is holding them back from their goals and helping to set them up for success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a leading, trusted PPC agency achieving success by delivering real and measurable value to clients, staff, suppliers and society.

We want to advocate PPC and how (when done right) it can positively impact business growth.

Have you been running your PPC campaigns and wonder if it could get even better results? If so, why not get in touch for a chat and more info on our PPC audits.

You can reach us on 01392 927 520 or email us – We look forward to speaking to you!

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