About me

Hi, I'm Stacey Pledge, and I have over ten years of practical experience helping businesses achieve their goals in paid advertising.

You need your online advertising budget to work as hard as possible to achieve results. That's why I focus on developing campaigns that optimise your ad spend and minimise waste, with transparent reporting so you can see what is working and where refinements are needed.

A freelancer who gets to know you - a genuine member of your team rooting for your success!

I can only achieve the best results for you if I thoroughly understand your business, customers, goals and challenges. It is a two-way process: I ask for commitment and input from you, and you can be confident that I'll be 100 per cent committed to your success.

I like to build lasting relationships. You'll find that working with me is like having a new team member in your business (without the faff and expense employees can sometimes bring) – very different from paying a monthly invoice and hoping for the best!

For PPC Management, I charge a one-off set-up fee and then a rolling monthly PPC management fee. There are no contracts, you stay because I get you great results not because I've locked you into a lengthy contract.

I understand that not everyone is an expert in all aspects of pay-per-click. I write and speak plainly, explain technical terms clearly and share my expertise in a friendly, accessible way.

And you need not worry about keeping up to date with developments in the fast-changing online advertising space.

As an experienced PPC specialist, I am always looking for the best new ideas – and, more importantly, how I can put them to work for you.

I set aside a day every week for training and industry updates and attend the best digital marketing conferences in the world to learn first-hand about trends, innovations and opportunities that I can use to help you achieve even greater success.

If you've been running your Google Ads campaign and wondering if it could get even better results, why not get in touch for a chat and more info on my free Google Ads review.

You can reach me on 01392 927 520 or email stacey@pledgeconsultancy.co.uk – I look forward to speaking to you!

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