5 Free Project Management Software Apps

Project management is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Fortunately, there are numerous project management apps and software that are available today, both free and paid, that can help streamline tasks, enhance collaboration, and keep teams organised.

This blog post explores 5 free project management software apps that can significantly improve your project management.

What are Project Management Apps

Let’s get back to basics. These apps and software, available online, provide a range of features and tools that assist with tasks such as scheduling, task assignment, collaboration, document sharing, progress tracking, and communication. They provide project managers, business owners etc., with the tools to be able to clearly view what stage a project is at and quickly identify any problems, potential missed deadlines etc.

Not just for large projects

I think it’s important to mention that project management apps can be used for projects and activities regardless of size or complexity. So don’t think you need to be a huge corporate organisation that is planning a multi-million-pound project to use one. They provide a convenient platform for small projects and small businesses so that you can define project goals, create task lists, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

These apps can also be used for ongoing projects such as planning and creating your social media.

And, of course, many of us are now working virtually, so these apps provide an excellent way to collaborate online and stay updated on project progress any time of the day from any location.

How to choose the right type of software

Budget and the type of project will be the key indicators for the type of software you will need. The more complex project management apps come with a price, but they provide the technical aspects like Gannt charts, dashboards, approval and detailed analytics that help manage large-scale complex projects. These include Wrike and Teamwork. The latter is good if client collaboration is a requirement.

File storage is an important consideration, as this varies enormously depending on the software and could be a decisive factor depending on the type of project you are working on. And finally, check if you can integrate the software with other products (eg Zapier if you use it).

Every app listed in this blog is free, but as you might expect, they also offer the option to pay and upgrade your account, giving you access to more features and allowing more people to collaborate. Moreover, each app offers different free features, so you will need to consider the one that is most applicable for your needs.

  • Trello is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps individuals and teams organize and prioritize tasks, projects, and ideas. The design is based on the Kanban method using lists and cards for tasks. It’s also good for external collaboration with clients and freelancers.
  • Asana works in a way similar to Trello in that it uses the Kanban method, but with a focus more on lists and placing more emphasis on team management and collaboration. The free version of Asana also offers a calendar which Trello doesn’t.
  • ClickUp is a versatile project management platform that combines task management, document collaboration, and communication tools with customization. The interface is very different, so might be preferential if you don’t like the Kanban style. The free version is very limited but does provide a good overview of what the software can do.
  • Monday.com is a highly customizable project management platform that offers a visual representation of workflows and tasks. It also offers the facility to view tasks on a Gantt chart, along with powerful reporting capabilities and a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Teamwork comes with in-built time tracking, Gantt charts, timelines, calendar views, boards and lists. In its favour, it is super easy to learn. You can also have up to 5 team members on the free plan.

In today's digital and virtual age, project management software & apps play a vital role in enhancing productivity, collaboration, managing tasks, workflows and timelines. Just remember, these apps are not exclusively for large companies, but can be equally effective for small businesses and ongoing projects.

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