Tips & advice on creating great call to actions

Your call to action is your opportunity to guide potential clients to the next stage of your customer journey. And depending on where they are on that journey, your call to action could be the difference between making a sale or not. Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people miss this step out or aren’t concise enough with their call to action message, especially when it comes to PPC.

Keep reading to discover my tips for writing great call to actions.

What is a call to action?

Let’s start with the basics first - what exactly is a call to action (or CTA for short)? In essence, it’s a written sentence or phrase informing people what you want them to do next. Examples of this may include signing up to your newsletter, clicking through to your website or even buying that product they have just seen via your latest PPC ad. It can equally be the “click here” or “more info” buttons that you often see on websites.

CTAs can also appear in blog posts and social media posts, like this:

“If you would like more information about our (service) then why not book a FREE 30-minute Zoom call to discuss how we can help you – click here to book”

Tips for writing a great call to action

Clear and concise – You CTA needs to be clear and concise. Make sure they know exactly what they need to do if they want to act on your call to action. Use action phrases like “Sign up for your free trial” or “Download my guide.” The link needs to direct them straight to where they need to be in as fewer clicks as possible, preferably only one.

Easy to Identify – make sure your CTA buttons on your website pop by using contrasting colours. Effectively using white space also ensures your CTA button will stand out. Asana do this effectively with great use of white space and contrasting CTA buttons. Lastly think about the size of the CTA button; too small and it might get missed.

Be creative – we use a CTA at the end of every blog post, but the copy is always slightly different and tailored to the content of the blog. This means that we get to highlight a different service and also ensures that our message doesn’t get ignored as it is always kept fresh.  

Use of language - it’s important to get the correct tone in the CTA, make sure it fits with your brand voice and also what you are trying to achieve with the CTA. If it’s a time limited offer, then your need to let your audience know by adding a sense of urgency to the CTA.

Test your CTA – a great way to test the effectiveness of your CTA is to split test. You can do this for PPC ads, CTA buttons on your website and within emails and social media posts.  Try varying the position of the CTA button on your website, or by changing the copy or photo used in a social media post or email, then measuring the impact these changes have. This will ensure you are making your CTA as effective as possible.

Call to actions come in many forms, but they all have one thing in common; they aim to persuade the reader to act which will increase your leads and conversion rates. Taking the time to create your CTA’s will ensure you make the most out of the opportunity.

Would you like help with your CTAs or copywriting in general? Did you know that a good PPC Specialist will have perfected their copywriting skills as it’s an essential requirement of their role? Click here to find out how I can help you.

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