Insurance Agencies… How Can PPC Work for you?

September 24, 2020

From Google ads to social media PPC, we know that Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can seem daunting when you are new to this form of online advertising plus PPC for Insurance Agencies are notoriously competitive.

However, Pay Per Click is hugely powerful and can bring superb results to commercial businesses when used correctly.

Let us take a closer look at how insurance PPC management can benefit insurance businesses.

The Benefits of PPC For Insurance Businesses

When a customer is looking for any kind of insurance, the go-to place for their search is online. Not everyone uses insurance comparison sites, but most customers will carry out a series of searches to find the right product for their needs and to find a competitive price.

These customers will have various questions - and they will be looking for insurance companies who can answer them with expertise and insight.

What Pay Per Click Offers

Pay Per Click advertising helps those customers to find your website by showing your compelling ad on a search engine (usually) above search result pages. This gives your potential customers a ready reason to click onto your advert and to visit your website.

By choosing the right keywords that trigger your advert to show, you know that the resulting traffic to your website is valuable, qualified traffic; people who want to buy insurance!

Think that website users don't click on ads? Think again.

Website users regularly click on ads, but only when they are relevant to their content search. So those insurance businesses who can create PPC ads with the right copy, headline, imagery, and landing pages have got a head start against their competition.

What Makes a Great PPC Advert?

The key to success lies in creating highly targeted and relevant adverts that are designed to meet the needs of your audience. The better you can do this, and the tighter the parameters of your PPC campaign, the better the ROI for your business.

How to use PPC for your Insurance Company

Whether you are creating Google ads, Bing ads or LinkedIn ads, the same approach holds true:

1. Create great copy - something that catches your target customer's eye and persuades them that you have the expert answer to their queries. The art of this lies in an excellent CTA (Call To Action) that persuades the online user to click through to your website.

2. Make your advert look compelling by testing different design formats.

3. Be smart with your budget - big competitors will have finite budgets, even if they are large. This gives smaller insurance companies the chance to compete by advertising when competitors' budgets have run out, or at times when they are less competitive.

4. Remember your negative keywords - don't waste your budget by listing for insurance products that you don't sell. An example of this could be if your advert showed up for life insurance searches when you just sell car insurance.

5. Make sure your landing page is optimised for your incoming traffic, with the right user experience.

Getting Help with PPC Management

We know that PPC management for insurance agents can be complex and competitive, especially when your business resources are targeted towards one thing - selling, brokering and delivering great insurance solutions for customers.

We work on a flexible basis with our clients to provide PPC expertise on everything from Google ads to social media PPC.

We offer a dedicated account manager, transparent reporting to evidence our results, and services to meet your needs, whether you want us to manage your PPC entirely for you, or to train your in-house team.

Find out more

Check out our case study for a travel insurance company to get a sense of the benefits we can offer for insurance PPC management.

Alternatively, please contact our team today for a no-obligation chat about your needs.

About Stacey Pledge

I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay per click campaigns and reaching their business goals.

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