Travel Insurance PPC Case Study


Travel Insurance PPC Case Study

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Travel Insurance

key statistics

decrease in cost per acquisition
increase in click-through-rate
increase in conversion rate
About the client
An insurance company specialising in the travel sector

The Objective

We were approached by a little-known insurance company to help with their Google Ads for a travel insurance product aimed at the mass market. Their marketing team knew that Google Ads were bringing in sales for them, but they were unable to justify the ad spend at such as high cost per acquisition. Our objective was to bring the CPA down to a reasonable level.

THE strategy

After the Google Ads audit was carried out, we identified the areas within the account that were spending too much money for little return. The initial strategy was to scale the account right down to get the CPA in line with the business’s expectations. Once this had been achieved to grow the, remarketing, brand awareness and expand the campaigns further to capture new traffic.

The Results

The results were and continue to be great. It took around 3 months to get the desired cost per acquisition and this has maintained steadily (some months under) for 2 years. The results for the brand awareness campaign have been great too. We have been able to compete against some of the larger travel insurance companies because we have focused on the right audience at the right time on the right devices.


Bringing down cost-per-acquisition is important if you want to make your PPC campaigns run more efficiently and effectively.
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