Recycling Machinery PPC Case Study


Recycling Machinery PPC Case Study

Mardon Recycling Machinery
Recycling Machinery

key statistics

increase in website traffic
increase in conversions
increase in assisted conversions
About the client
Mardon Recycling Machinery supply balers and recycling machinery to clients including DHL, Sainsbury, M&S and Nestle.

The Objective

We had been looking after Mardon’s SEO efforts for a period and due to an unforeseen algorithm Google update the site suddenly tanked overnight. Whilst we worked on a solution for the SEO results (which is notoriously a slower process) we still needed to ensure traffic and leads were coming to the website while it recovered in the organic listings.

THE strategy

It was agreed to start a Google Ads campaign and trial for 6 months to help get potentially lost traffic to the site via paid ads. We set up the campaigns using lots of information gathered through the SEO efforts and structured in a way that we only attracted the right people looking for the products Mardon supplied. We started of slow as not to waste money and built up to incorporate brand awareness campaigns as well as lead driven campaigns as confidence in the channel grew.

The Results

The results for the website were great and so much so that the 6 months trial has turned into almost 4 years continued growth in ppc efforts. Google Ads has proved not only to be a great source of quality traffic but also a great assisting channel working with the SEO and other marketing channels like email and social to help bring more leads.


PPC campaigns can help with a lot of things, but when algorithm changes mean you are waiting for SEO updates to kick-in, paid ads make sure you don't lose traffic.
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