Software-as-a-Service PPC Case Study

Decrease in wasted ad spend
Increase in click-through-rate
Increase in search impressions share

About the client

NutriCalc Ltd is a provider of software allowing businesses to easily create nutrition information for their food products.


I was approached by the team at NutriCalc to take over the running of the Google Ads account. NutriCalc had been running their Google Ads account in house and like many busy successful businesses finding time to manage the account was becoming difficult. Also, the arena of PPC is ever-changing and they were finding it difficult to keep up to date with new approaches and ensure their account was configured correctly.


I carried out an audit and found several areas for quick wins and longer-term gains. The conversion tracking was not tracking all valuable conversions so was quick to rectify this to get a true measure of the ROI. I discovered that quite a lot of the spend was being wasted on the wrong type of traffic namely private individuals looking for software by the same terms but free for personal use, the software is for commercial customers. I tackled this by ensuring I used qualified ad text to deter irrelevant clicks and started to introduce negative search terms into the account.


The most notable result felt by the business was a 59% drop in their Google Ads spend as the account was wasting money on irrelevant clicks. The leads although reduced in the first year (due to the historical conversion issues) were overall better quality and bonafide “commercial” customers.



This case study shows the importance of ensuring clicks come from likely customers rather than those doing ‘research’ or looking for free alternatives.

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