Garage Doors PPC Case Study


Garage Doors PPC Case Study

Garage Door & Automation Company Ltd
Garage Doors

key statistics

Conversion Rate increased
Phone Call Leads
Organic Traffic
About the client
The Garage Door & Automation Company have been supplying the best in garage doors and gates across the South West since 1986 and are now rapidly approaching their fourth decade.

The Objective

We have been working with Garage Door & Automation Company for several years now, and the PPC campaign was working very well with an excellent conversion rate and steady flow of leads. Mindful of how competitive the garage door industry is, we were keen to keep building on the already established momentum and look at ways our client could get more from their advertising spend.

THE strategy

With already healthy click-through rates and low CPC's, we looked at how we could increase the conversion rate further. We looked to improve the experience GD&A's visitors received once they landed on the website. We collaborated with our trusted colleagues at Hambly Freeman (Web Developers) to create a stunning new website with more images, better information, a more straightforward layout, and an improved call to actions. GD&A are a super busy company. Utilising our team's expertise to manage the web build reduced the stress often associated with launching a new site and allowed them to focus on serving their clients.

The Results

The results far exceeded our estimations. Conscious that the client had trusted our recommendation that improvements to their website experience would enhance their conversion rates. The return on investment has been fantastic! Within the first couple of months, we have seen an uplift of over 30% in the conversion rate. The number of phone call leads coming into the five branches has increased by over 98%. And finally, because of the considerable improvements to the website, the client saw a tremendous uplift in organic rankings and traffic, so double whammy wins for their overall digital marketing strategy.


Looking to improve your website is just as important (if not more) as enhancing your PPC campaigns. Website improvements positively affect many areas of your digital marketing, not just PPC.
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