Garage Doors PPC Case Study


Garage Doors PPC Case Study

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Garage Doors

key statistics

increase in click-through rate
increase in search impressions share
decrease in cost per conversion
About the client
A national garage door retailer and supplier

The Objective

We started working with a national garage door retailer in 2017. The main objective was to increase the number of leads and maintain the well-established brand’s share of the search impressions despite a highly competitive landscape.

THE strategy

After the Google Ads audit was carried out it was discovered that unfortunaly the previous PPC Manager was double counting conversions so the healthy picture they had been getting within reports since starting to advertise on Google were incorrect. Once we had sorted all the conversion tracking, we focused on the strategy. Holding a top 3 position was key but with a strict cost per acquisition and competitors starting up on a monthly basis it was going to be a challenge.

The Results

The results are that the cost per conversion has stayed relatively steady over the last couple of years despite competitors and the double tracking taking place. Through careful bid management and regular review of search terms (cutting out poor traffic) the search impression share has increased, and we remain ahead of competitors.


It's vital to ensure that things like conversions aren't being double counted, as this gives an inaccurate impression of campaign effectiveness.
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