Should You Try Microsoft Advertising?

In the world of eCommerce, the key to driving traffic to your website and growing your business is to create a great online advertising campaign.

Online advertising could be social media adverts, email marketing or even video advertisements. One of the most effective forms of online advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, an advertising model that drives website traffic and requires payment from the advertiser each time the ad is clicked.

With many different PPC providers to choose from, it can be challenging to know which company will provide you with the best bang for your buck (or pound). The last thing that you want is to select a provider that fails to deliver a good result and leaves your business losing customers to competitor sites.

This article will guide you through one of the most popular PPC advertising services, Microsoft Advertising, to help you decide whether this is the best option for you!

What is Microsoft Advertising?

Formerly known as Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising is a platform that powers PPC ads or listing across the Microsoft search network- including Bing, Yahoo! And DuckDuckGo.

When you choose to work with Microsoft Advertising, your ads will appear in the search engines when people search for terms related to your business or product.

Then, when an advert is clicked on, you will be charged a small price by the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Is Microsoft Advertising better than Google Ads?

Both Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads are popular options for PPC advertising services.

The main similarity between the two is the search engines that they place adverts on. Microsoft places adverts on its own search engine and network (Bing, Yahoo!, MSN and DuckDuckGo) and Google will place adverts on its own search engines plus Google network.

Google is the most popular search engine, taking up over 70% of the search market. This means that ads on Google will be seen by more people and have the opportunity to appear under more searches each day. However, the popularity of the search engine also means that competition between advertisers is huge.

Microsoft's search engine network is still popular, with the Bing search engine being the default search engine on all Windows laptops and PCs, however, it is significantly smaller than Google. As a result of this, campaigns on Microsoft Advertising have around 36% less competition than those on Google Ads.

How do I know if I should try Microsoft Advertising?

If you are currently struggling to drive new traffic to your website and you want to try your hand at diversifying your PPC advertising platforms, you should try Microsoft Advertising.

The service caters for all businesses, big or small, and provides excellent exposure across its range of search engine networks. If you want to do well in the eCommerce industry or have a website that needs some attention, PPC advertising is a tool that you simply must have as part of your advertising strategy.

What are the pros and cons of Microsoft Advertising?

The pros of Microsoft Advertising

  • Your ads will appear across multiple search engines, including Bing which obtains 900 million monthly searches.
  • The cost per click (cpc) are usually lower than many competitors like Google or Facebook.
  • Microsoft Bing adverts can reach audiences that Google may not.
  • The search engine network has 21.3% of the desktop search engine market in the UK.

The cons of Microsoft Advertising

  • Bing has a smaller market than Google so adverts have limited exposure.
  • Young people use Google significantly more than Bing, so if they make up your demographic, you may struggle to drive required traffic to your website using Microsoft Advertising.

If you would like to learn more about unleashing the potential of your Microsoft or Google pay per click campaign, I can help! Get in touch for a chat today!

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