What to Look for in a Great Google Ads Manager for your Business

If you're looking into pay per click advertising, the chances are you've heard of Google Ads, or Google Adwords, as it used to be known. Google Ads is an online advertising platform, and it's sure to be your first port of call when you launch a PPC campaign.

Unless you're an experienced PPC professional, you might end up having to employ a Google Ads manager to manage your campaigns. This means monitoring and evaluating your campaign every week, as well as spending time optimising it to try and get your ads performing at their best on Google.

But what should you look for in your Google Ads manager?

Look for a proven track record

Any Google Ads manager worth their salt should be able to give you some examples of their batting stats - so if they've never knocked it out of the park before, it's hard to say that they will be able to do it for you. Look for past success plus client testimonials, and you'll know that the agency you're dealing with knows what they're doing with your precious advertising budget.

Staying on trend is key

It's essential to understand Google Ads and PPC because the field is continuously changing, which means ad managers need to stay on the ball week after week.

The way to build an optimal PPC campaign changes with Google, and pay per click professionals must stay on top of these changes and adapt their strategies in response. If you find you've teamed up with a PPC specialist who isn't on top of the latest Google updates, it's time to look elsewhere.

Bigger isn't always better

When you're shopping around for a paid advertising expert, you might decide to go for the biggest agency thinking that they're best placed to build you a successful advertising campaign.

But in many cases, you'd be wrong. Larger marketing agencies might spend less time on your campaign because they're juggling hundreds of clients at a time and not dedicate the time your campaign deserves.

Time is of the essence

Above all else, the most valuable asset your Google Ads managers can give you is their time. Look for someone who will take plenty of time to get to know your business inside and out and research your competitors, because this is the best way to craft the perfect PPC campaign. Completing an audit of your campaign is one way a PPC manager can show you where improvements can be made, as well as giving you a good benchmark from which to measure your future successes.

If you're looking for experienced professional Google Ads campaign managers with a proven track record of success and time to dedicate to your campaign, get in touch with me at Pledge Consultancy.

Stacey Pledge

About Stacey Pledge

I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay-per-click campaigns and reach their business goals.

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