Why (almost) Every Business Should try Advertising on Google

We can all agree that Google is the powerhouse of search engines, getting more than 3.5 billion searches globally per day. It should be an advertiser's idea of heaven, but many businesses avoid Google ads because amongst other concerns a main worry is that their own brand being overpowered by the competition or wasting money on irrelevant clicks to their website.

However, when used correctly, search engine advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies available and can generate a lot of traffic to your company’s website.

Why advertise on Google you may ask? Here are four very convincing reasons.

1. Its cost effective

44% of the total global advertising revenue is earned by Google, so it's clearly a lucrative platform for pay per click advertisements.

However, people still have the same burning question; is pay per click effective? The short answer is yes, as PPC allows you to set a budget on how much you can spend each day on advertising; you're typically only charged if a customer clicks on an ad (you can also set a strategy to get charged for ad views). Once you develop a stronger marketing campaign, the cost per click declines over time.

2. You can target a specific audience

Other methods of advertising like social media or influencer marketing are difficult to tailor to a specific audience. Google advertising is very simular to SEO style tactics (apart from there is a direct cost to Google for paid ads) and you can use specific keywords to attract consumers you know are looking for what your brand offers.

More than just age and gender, ads can be tailored to a specific time and location that will most effectively attract a specific audience

3. Analytics measure your marketing success

Wasting money on advertising but don't know where you're going wrong? You can get deeper insights.

Google Analytics let you holistically see how many clicks and impressions a certain ad generates so that you can see how effective a certain advertisement was – the whole user journey. Analytics allow you to reflect on your past mistakes and change your marketing method to be more effective at attracting a certain audience; this stops you wasting precious advertising money.

4. Remarketing is a great way to develop a relationship with past visitors and consumers

Returning customers are part of the secret sauce to a successful business and developing a strong advertising campaign is one way to do this. Google Ads provide a method called remarketing, which displays ads to past visitors in an attempt to make them re-visit your website and hopefully make a few purchases.

So, there you have it, just a few good reasons why every business should at least try advertising on Google.

If you want to improve the sales of your business and are thinking of trying Google Ads, contact me today and I will be more than happy to help you.

Stacey Pledge

About Stacey Pledge

I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay-per-click campaigns and reach their business goals.

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