Does Pay Per Click Work for B2B Companies?

PPC for B2B is more than a catchy little slogan (or a corny one - whichever you think). It works, and quite well, when executed correctly. Pay per click advertising can be a winner for any firm, regardless of the target market - it is a common misconception that B2B PPC strategy is a waste of time, and PPC campaigns are only effective in a B2C (business to consumer) context. One assumes this is because B2C involves higher volume purchases and a lower price point, enabling greater amounts of data to be optimised, more conversions and, ultimately, more things to sell.

This is not illogical, but when you approach it correctly, PPC can be very powerful for B2B leads and sales. In a nutshell, it works because it enables companies to connect with high-value business customers at consumer costs - you get attention for a cost far below its market value.

Let's analyse that a little:

B2B buyers are still people

Your PPC ads, whether you are using social media like LinkedIn PPC or Google Ads, target individuals. Businesses don't buy things; people do. When you're marketing high-consideration products or services, several people may be involved in the buying process. But to be taken into consideration, your B2B ad only needs to be placed in front of a single person searching for a solution. Incidentally, when it comes to B2B selling, LinkedIn PPC has often been shown to be more effective than Facebook or Twitter ads. Google ads are effective for either market but must be carefully composed with qualifying ad text to ensure you’re clicked by your target audience.

It may not be as simple to target this individual as it would be for a direct consumer, but as your understanding of your customer persona grows you will find more scope for audience specificity. That's important for shaping your message to truly resonate with those who need your products/services. Though the sales funnel may be longer and more complex, with multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making, the PPC approach is what initiates contact and gets you on the radar.

Relationships can be built online

Many B2B firms initially feel new digital marketing channels are not a good fit for them before going on to adopt them several years later. B2B businesses are used to building real-world relationships and scoring referrals, and these factors don't appear to translate into the physical world. But the boundaries are beginning to blur, and the same strong B2B relationships can now begin online.

PPC is a powerful way to speak to a person's need, and with quality copy, an effective landing page and a compelling CTA, this could be the first step in developing that coveted business relationship. The digital world is something that companies must take full advantage of if they are to maximise their success, regardless of whether they are a B2C or B2B organisation.

PPC for B2B really does work, but it requires specialist knowledge of how to tailor your approach to target a more discerning consumer. With the input of a consultant or contractor for your marketing content, your paid traffic can yield a whole new avenue of B2B leads that could lead to healthy relationships and increased revenue down the line.

If you’re a company in the B2B space looking to increase the number of leads and sales your website produces, then please get in touch for a chat to discover how I can help you do just that!

Stacey Pledge

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I'm a PPC Specialist helping clients across the UK, Europe and the US get the best from their pay-per-click campaigns and reach their business goals.

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